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    A social media agency is crucial to position your company in the social imagination. Nothing better than choosing this route to give visibility to your brand and become a trustworthy company for your consumers. We are sure that you agree about its great utility, but do you know exactly what a social media agency is? To clear all your doubts, you should get to the bottom of this article and try to learn as much as you can. We will also define how it works and what is necessary for it to be effective.

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    What is a social media agency?

    A social media agency is a company that handles all the marketing for a company. The objective is to use social networks to connect a client more directly with their target audience. 

    Focusing on the client’s target audience allow us to dedicate our resources to the people who might be more interested in the product . This is a more than important aspect for small and medium-sized companies.

    How are social media agencies divided?

    In general, a social media agency tends to be divided internally into sectors, Each sector is dedicated to a specific area. Companies require various processes to achieve results, meaning that different professionals are needed, Some of them are:

    • Editors
    • Community Managers
    • Photographers
    • Graphic designers

    This mix of skills is crucial if you want to hire a company that speaks the media language.

    But these are not the only services offered in a social media agency. Know all the secrets of the field!

    Social media audits

    A good social media agency provides its clients with the maximum amount of information about the results of their work. Otherwise, the good faith of the contracting party is violated and the transparency is lost.

    To do this, audits are carried out to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen strategy, and to discuss the best way to proceed.

    The way to carry out this task is to study the data that reflects the recent activity of the client’s social networks. The objective is to establish the differences that the agency has generated, allowing us to identify achievements and failures done throughout the process.

    Technical details that are reviewed in an audit

    In a social media agency, when it comes to showing the most technical details to a client, a series of complex aspects are generally evaluated. The objective is to cover all the important points of our work:

    • Reaches
    • Impressions
    • Followers
    • Best performing posts
    • Worst performing post
    • Type of content that has generated the best performance in terms of positive reactions
    • Analysis of user emotions based on their comments
    • Traffic analysis
    • Count of leads generated with the implemented strategy


    A good strategy is the basis of any social media agency. No one can start promoting their brand across different platforms without some serious planning. And this is what a media strategy is all about.

    Before taking any action, a good agency will have designed and defined the type of posts relevant to a certain brand. Then, content will be created that meets the customer’s expectations and that is consistent with the image that is to be reflected. Lastly, a regular post of short videos will be planned to catch the desired audience. 


    Every social media agency is attentive to creating terms of use and policies that define how a brand thinks. The idea is to take care of the clients’ reputation by advising them in each of their public appearances. But the most important thing is to define what will be the way of conducting said organization.

    Taking care of the image is very important since it is one of the most valuable assets of any company. In addition, defining policies is also agreeing on how to handle the company’s data. This point is important as data is becoming increasingly valuable in the international market. 


    A social media agency will take care of all issues that have to do with the advertising of a brand or company. That is why it will be in charge of defining the number of publications that will be made during each time, in the agreed contracting time. In general, contracts for periods of less than six months are not recommended.

    A very interesting point is the time to enter each of the publications to be made in the calendar. This is crucial since for each company the calendar works differently. For example, there are brands that give great importance to winter and others live their best time in summer.


    Understanding the motivations of a company is another of the responsibilities of a social media agency. You cannot work with people who do not understand what your objectives are, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses.

    At Inconnection we take into account the needs of small and medium-sized companies that have been working in the field for many years. Therefore, you can trust that we will always have the utmost respect for your time and we will strive to help you to reach your aspirations.

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