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    An inbound marketing agency is focused on the customer because its purpose is to create content and messages that match people’s needs. For this reason, you need in-depth research that shows what challenges your target audience faces, what stage of their lives they are at, and how to help them ensure an excellent experience at each stage of the buyer journey.

    The most important tool of such agencies is digital media, because their communication strategy focuses on social networks, web ads, blog content, videos, and downloadable documents. These are available to the audience that interacts on the internet. Likewise, it is easier for an inbound marketing agency to choose which ones will appear on different platforms and formats, according to the needs that each segment of the market seeks to satisfy, that is, it brings value.

    What features does an inbound marketing agency have?

    Creating content and faithful communities

    An inbound marketing agency knows that a community is an opportunity to promote and receive feedback about your brand. Your followers become the ambassadors of your project and also important critics. In addition, brands that have a community have more possibilities to contact potential customers, because it becomes a more secure channel to test new offers, make pre-sales of services, or do any other market research.

    On the other hand, brands not only have to focus on getting many customers, but they also have to make sure that those customers will come back and continue to buy the service. In addition, an inbound marketing agency has several tools that allow us to create and manage these communities in a simpler way and with much greater scope.

    One of the strategies that this type of agencies use the most is to offer valuable content, because it is the perfect opportunity to build trust among the public and gain followers through recommendations that will help them solve a problem. If the problem is solved these customers will buy back in your business.

    Optimize all resources and action paths

    An inbound marketing agency is specialized in optimizing resources in a strategy because its success will depend on it. Therefore, the first thing to do is to define your objectives from the beginning. Since these show the direction that will take each of the actions implemented to reach your goal. Subsequently, it is necessary to plan in advance the strategy. This will help you plan content delivery times to successfully meet the strategy.

    Once the inbound marketing agency strategy is ready, it must be optimized on the platforms, that is, all the platforms in which you are present as a website, blog, social networks, among others. They are working well and in line with what you want to achieve in your strategy. Finally, it is necessary to analyze and monitor each of the actions that are being carried out in strategy. This will help you make decisions in the future, depending on how successful the strategy was. 

    Energizing products and messages

    The marketing message develops the image we want to convey; how we position ourselves in the customer ‘s head; how we can help and give credibility because their main goal is to get the customer’s attention, thus starting to build a relationship of credibility and trust with them.

    That ‘s why inbound marketing agencies follow these steps to build the message. First, they must be clear on who the customer is and be able to define it in a few words. Then, you have to explain what is the main benefit we bring or the pain we avoid. Finally we have to define which tool we are going to use to achieve that result, that is, define what our products or services are.

    On the other hand, to create messages in your campaign, you must take into account what type of advertising you want to design. For example, informational advertising focuses on showing your brand to users and the value it will bring to their life, to obtain something from it. 

    Another type of advertising that works for an inbound marketing agency is corporate advertising, which focuses on doing a benchmark of your brand vs.  your competitors. The idea is to highlight  the features that give you the most value over them, and show consumers that you bring them the most benefits.

    Analyze metrics to get the best ROI possible

    Return on investment is a metric used to know how much the company earned through its investments. To calculate the ROI it is necessary to take the total income, subtract from it the costs and, finally, divide that result by the total costs.

     An inbound marketing agency uses this metric because it allows you to evaluate how certain initiatives contribute to the company ‘s results. Likewise, based on ROI, it is possible to plan goals that consider tangible results, in order to understand if it is worth investing in certain channels.

    Furthermore, this indicator is important  when it comes to calculating the return of an action, and can be applied to all investments. From those made in marketing campaigns and events, to improvements in the infrastructure of the company.

     Additionally, when evaluating your company, investors will also take ROI into account because  it is essential to know how much you will earn, and if the investment is justified. It also allows an inbound marketing agency to plan its goals, based on potential and achievable results. It can also identify Payback, the time it takes for investments to bring return.

    Finally, to improve the ROI of a company, it is necessary to hire an agency, specialized in optimizing conversion rate, because it helps improve a website, so that it generates more conversions, based on the same volume of traffic. The importance of optimizing the conversion of your sites, ads, email campaigns, blog posts, social media posts, and other digital marketing actions,  revolves on generating more results, thus directly impacting  ROI.

    So that, when you hire an inbound marketing agency like Inconnection you’ll get the benefits of increased profit and more budget for traffic. Don’t wait any longer and contact this digital marketing agency now!