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    Are you thinking about carrying out an email marketing campaign, but you aren’t sure of its effectiveness? Don’t worry! You have reached the correct post. Here you will know the relevance of this marketing strategy and how much it helps to have it automated. Do you want a plus? Perfect! We tell you how to carry out this strategy, and the points that you must take into account.

    Why has email marketing and marketing automation become so important for small businesses in the United States?

    Email marketing is currently one of the most effective tools for maintaining professional communication between companies and customers. This service allows the client to find relevant information about the company that interests him. For example, he has access to promotions and offers, relevant data about that company, and the products or services it offers. It helps the person not have to surf the Internet to find this information, which is also usually personalized.

    This service is also important because it attracts potential customers and reconnects with inactive ones. It is a precise, effective, personalized, attractive, and enjoyable means of communication for people. Thanks to email marketing, which has become one more option to increase sales, small companies in the United States have been able to grow. They have even positioned themselves next to large companies. Simply put, small businesses are effectively engaging with their customers through email marketing.

    Regarding marketing automation, this technology is essential for companies to improve the productivity of their working hours. Marketing uses automation to carry out actions and processes within its campaigns.

    The benefits of using these advertising strategies for your SME in the United States

    These are just some of the benefits that small businesses in the United States reap from including these ad campaigns:

    • Increased productivity of time within the company
    • Customer retention and loyalty
    • Increase in the number of sales
    • Customer service optimization
    • Restores revenue lost from cart desertion
    • Attraction of new clients
    • Useful and personalized content
    • Increased probability of website traffic
    • Activation of content at the right time

    How to implement these advertising strategies for your SME? 

    Steps to create an email marketing and marketing automation strategy

    The first thing that a company must take into account is that this type of strategy does not give results immediately. This service is a process that provides gains and stability in the medium and long term. For this reason, this process must be carried out correctly, since it is the foundation of a fruitful campaign. The first thing the company must do is be clear about its goals and objectives; what does it want to achieve? 

    The most common objectives are: to reach a more significant number of people, interact with your contacts, increase sales and profitability, and build customer loyalty. Based on this information, the company can begin its strategy. It is essential to mention that hiring a digital marketing agency can maximize the desired results. These are the steps to follow:

    1. Meet your target audience
    2. Define your goals in specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely 
    3. Choose a platform to carry out your email marketing
    4. Define your type of campaign
    5. Create the list of subscribers (that is, to whom you will send your information)
    6. Personalize and segment your content
    7. Implement email marketing automation
    8. Strategically design the content, and subject 
    9. Measure the results

    Best practices for designing and sending emails that drive results

    1. Don’t buy contact lists
    2. Avoid the phrase ‘No reply’
    3. Create content pleasing to the reader
    4. Add the ‘preview’ option to email
    5. Include elements that distinguish your brand
    6. Mention at the top of the email the benefit you offer your client
    7. Make your website and email consistent with each other

    Tools and platforms that facilitate email marketing and marketing automation

    Email marketing tools and platforms

    • HubSpot
    • Mailchimp
    • AWeber
    • ConvertKit
    • Doppler
    • MailJet
    • GetResponse
    • Brevo

    Marketing automation tools and platforms

    • Moosend
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Act-On
    • SendInBlue
    • RD Station
    • Omnisend
    • Eloqua

    Key success indicators (KPIs) that you must follow to evaluate your advertising strategies

    KPIs will help you check the effectiveness of your strategy. To know if the results are favorable or not, you need to keep in mind the objectives and goals that you set for yourself. Here are some KPI examples that can help you:

    Bounce rate: This data tells you how many people have not received your shipments and why this happens.

    Click rate: With this information, you can know how many people received your email and interacted with it.

    Open rate: This data will help you to know how many people are interested in the content you have made for them.

    Conversion rate: this KPI will tell you if your customers are reacting as you want to the strategy you have created for them. Did they make a purchase or go to your website?

    Cancellation rate: This information will help you to know how many people no longer want to receive your email. You can use this data to reflect on your advertising strategy.

    Spam complaint rate: You must analyze this KPI since the image of your company is exposed to being considered a spammer. 

    Tips to improve the opening rate, clicks, conversions, and loyalty of your emails

    There are several ways to improve your strategies and get the positive side of the KPIs. For example, remove from your list those contacts with whom you cannot connect; you can also improve the design, language, and content of your email strategy. 

    Also, verify that the automation of your strategy is adequate and that it reaches people who will value your information. With this setting, you will prevent people from canceling your messages and sending them to the spam area. 

    Now that you have all this information, what are you waiting for to add this service to your company? Visit now Inconnection (by ABCW), LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages to discover how they can help you drive success in the digital realm!