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    An advertising agency is a company that will try to do the best for your brand,  a combination of specialties that will complement each other to help you have a greater presence in your field. Find out how it works and why it’s necessary for you.

    Today, advertising and marketing are services that are hired on an almost daily basis. It is well known that these agencies have a high influence on sales and brand recognition. However, not all people know how theywork.

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    What is an advertising agency?

    When we talk about an advertising agency, we refer to a company that offers advice on advertising campaigns and related topics. These campaigns are messages of different types that share a common idea. It is developed when the content strategy is planned.

    The main objective is to reach the brand’s target audience, while respecting the budget set at the beginning of the commercial relationship. 

    The agency offers services in terms of:

    • Creation
    • Execution
    • Distribution

    What kind of professionals work in this agency?

    The number of professionals needed in an advertising agency can be huge,and It all depends on the type of clients, and the needs it intends to meet. In the case of Inconnection, the objective is to serve customers who own small and medium-sized businesses.

    . The agencies that work with the marketing sector need to know how to understand the needs of their clients in order to achieve compliance with the proposed scope.

    Media planner

    This professional will be dedicated to choosing the media where the contents of the particular brand will be advertised. There are media that concentrate the target audience to work and others that do not. To identify this situation, there is nothing better than a media planner.


    The executives are in charge of maintaining good relations with the client, and  with the spaces where the ads are generated. Politics are a key aspect in any business relationship, which is why you need people to constantly maintain and refresh communications.


    The directors are in charge of coordinating all the areas within an advertising agency. The idea is that each sector of the company has a person who organizes and coordinates the activities so that they can get ahead and meet their goals. In addition, a director’s function is to make sure that all the works are carried out respecting what was agreed with the client.


    The editors are in charge of supervising the contents produced by the content writers, which are like the engine of a car, generating all the content needed for the rest of the agency to work properly.

    Writing strategies

    One of the most interesting issues when thinking about the writing of an advertising agency is the choice of a writing strategy. They obey the specific needs of each client, but all require the following characteristics:

    • Persuasive words
    • Suggest rather than impose
    • Creativity
    • Originality
    • Language according to the target audience

    How does it work?

    The first thing an advertising agency tries to achieve is finding a strategy that makes the brand that has hired them known. Its function is precisely to offer results in terms of web positioning to companies that need to gain greater notoriety to attract more customers.

    For this reason, it focuses on giving you tools so that you can find the most effective way to communicate with your potential clients, trying to give you the tools you will need in order to distribute your content and find the target audience. Differences with a marketing agency

    The work of an advertising agency is mainly linked to the creation of an advertising campaign and its subsequent execution. The selection of media so that the campaign generates a greater impact, and the prolixity in the search for leads. This is a less complex version of what happens with marketing agencies.

    These agencies are dedicated to carry out a job that begins its activity long before the advertising business. Marketing not only creates content and improves the branding of a brand, but also discovers the identity of the brand and finds the ideal client. All the work that goes into achieving a less fallible strategy we owe to marketing.

    Important details when hiring an advertising agency

    When you want to hire an advertising agency there are important details that you must take into account. Not everything is about advertising or successful campaigns, there are other essential factors that must also be considered by small and medium-sized companies that hire this type of service.

    • Reliability: good information management is key in days where data has become the main raw material in the world.
    • Punctuality: if a company meets its deliveries, this will help you achieve faster results and have a greater chance of success.
    • Experience: thanks to the value added by the years, a company that has been dedicated for a long time to the field of advertising will be more reliable.
    • Success stories: any advertising agency that has verifiable success stories should be taken into account for future projects.

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